Explore The Lunar Space Station With Lighting Lego Set

Bring out the astronaut in your kids by gifting them the Lunar Space Station 60227 model from Lego City and add custom LED light kit from Lightailing or Briksmax to make the three detachable compartments highlighted even when it is dark.

With only 412 Lego pieces the Lunar Space Station 60227 set is age-appropriate for 6+ years old kids and if you are worried that your kids might not be able to add lights, there is a relief as even the lighting kits are designed as age-appropriate for 6+ years old. If you or kids have an inclination towards astronautics and spacecraft, this Lego City modular space rocket replica from NASA with a robot figure and four Minifigures including two crewmembers and two astronauts will be a perfect choice. It does not matter whether you have the electrical skill or not, the handmade lighting kit can be set up easily.    

Know About Special Features of Lunar Space Station Set

After fully assembling the structure, you can light up Lego bricks  along with the accessories like pizza, repair tools, two geodes featuring blue crystals as June 2019 edition, brick separator, the Extra-Vehicular Activity suit having a golden visor and the helmet having a blue visor.

  • There are three detachable modules with roofs that can be removed. The kitchen module features a pizza oven, plants, and the central air-locked compartment while the lab module features research tools and light brick. The living module comes with training and sleepover facilities with a television screen, treadmill, and anti-gravity bed.
  • With the Lego LED light kits  you can highlight the foldable solar panels, detachable satellite, opening cockpit and the space shuttle that can be detached along with the cargo space.
  • As an added bonanza, the Lego Life app for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets will offer you intuitive PLUS instructions for Lego building. You can seamlessly rotate, zoom in and out and visualize the building process by turning on the ghost-mode. Kids will be able to assemble the pieces independently with the application; however, they need parents’ permission before downloading the app.

Learn About the Light Kit for Lunar Space Station

After taking out the Lego light kit  from the plastic bags wrapped in bubble sheets, test each of them for proper functionality and to make sure of no defective or broken parts. While the warranty card offers two years of manufacturer guarantee, you will get seven days for return or replacement of any malfunctioning part.

  • Open up the user guide book and the illustrated instruction manual to learn about the tidbits of light kit installation such as getting AA batteries for the battery holder, connecting the 30cm power cable for USB hub and placing the Adhesive Square.
  • The light kit for Lunar Space Station Lego  contains three expansion boards, each having six ports and four random Lego pieces for customization. There are three 15cm, one 30cm and one 5cm connecting wire to be passed comfortably between the Lego pieces in a concealed way.
  • For the three compartments and the rocket, you will get three white light strips, a slow flashing 30cm red light, and three 10cm red LEDs, two 30cm green LEDs and four 10cm yellow LEDs.

Customize the modular compartments or rearrange them as you want in different sequences on and around the central air-locked module –the lights will glorify all the sections properly.

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