The Magic Of Lighting Carousel Set

Lego models have become one of the favorite pastimes for children all over the world since the last five decades. The Lego Group from Denmark revolutionized the children’s playhouses by introducing plastic bricks which turn into beautiful models of real-life characters, buildings, cartoons, vehicles, even a Lego Carousel, you name it – Lego probably has it. While playing with Lego models, children can experience the joy of construction and take pride in creating a beautiful showpiece. In the process, they learn the systematic approach required to create something worth cherishing.



Among the multitude of Lego models, one of the best light kit deals for lego can get you a working carousel or “merry go round” as it is popularly known and seen in almost all fairgrounds and parks. Let us have a look at this special Lego creation in a little more detail.

Key Features of Lego Carousel

The Light kit for Lego Carousel 10257 is a re-worked version of the Grand Carousel released almost a decade ago. The set consists of around 2,670 pieces of different shapes and sizes combining to create this beautiful fairground model. This piece will be right at home at the children’s fairground collection and will be a great addition to the existing Lego models of the same category. The color scheme is carefully thought out, exudes brightness and vibrancy upon completion and display.


There are five animal figures built out of Lego bricks in different colors to create a beautiful contrast with the Yellow canopy, blue details and golden accents all over the model. The elephant, flamingo, swan, tiger, and frog will surely attract the fancy of children along with the miniature figurines of boys, girls, an elderly lady, and the smartly made ticket booth operator. The booth operator model even has a printing ticket brick for ‘issuing’ tickets to the carousel. The level of attention to details is to be appreciated in this collectible product.

Over and above, the light kit for new carousel Lego set can actually be rotated just like the functioning life-sized model with the help of crank function. Upon successful completion of assembly, the manual crank assembly will move the attached animal figures up and down while the seats rotate around the center. The Lego Power functions are also available optionally for those who want the rotation function to be automatically operated through switches.

LEGO Lighting CAROUSEL SET 10257

Light up Your Carousel

LED lighting solutions are readily available online for a variety of Lego models to further satiate the fancy of children and adults alike. Now you can turn your Lego Carousel into a drawing room and children’s playhouse showpiece by adding Led lights to the product. These Led lighting solutions are customized by professionals who have a passion for Lego models themselves and like to design lighting accessories for specific models, enhancing and improving their overall look and appeal.

Now, be it dawn or dusk, your Lego carousel set will glow like a miniature merry-go-round we all love from our childhood days. The LED lights are custom-built to fit seamlessly into the model itself and light up key areas and focusing on its beautiful coloring and details. With the rotation function and LED lights, the Lego carousel can occupy the place of pride in your Lego collections or even work as a standalone showpiece of the house.


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