Briksmax Light Kit For The Justifier 75323

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Amazing light set

This ship was my first Lego purchase in a while because I was a big fan of the ship in the show (and of the bounty hunter that flies it, ha.) Though you know, these sets can be pretty pricey! So I was already feeling kind of guarded with my wallet when I saw this lighting kit get suggested to me to go along with my Legos. The pictures just seemed so *nice* though, so I pulled the trigger. And I have ZERO regrets. It's just like the pictures, and it's unbelievable how much it elevates the ship—it's bright and highlights everything beautifully, bringing great pops of color and light to the gray hull. The LEDs on the wings even activate with a bit of a 'swoosh' effect. I turn it on every night on my shelf so I can look at it, haha. Literally hauled the whole set over to a friend's just to show him how cool it was, and we were like kids flying it around. I don't think I can imagine getting a Lego set in the future without these Lightailing kits. SO worth the extra money, and even though I was a first-timer, I had zero issue adding this to my set post-build and hiding the wires. Makes me wish they made these kits for some of my decade-old sets!

Kim Newman
Great Light Set!

With all of your products this light kit brings the build to the next level.

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