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For any Lego enthusiast, one of the worst news will be when certain Lego sets are discontinued by the manufacturer. Retiring Lego sets might feel like a retiring age, especially if the sets are from famous pop-culture categories like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ninjago etc.

With on and off lockdowns due to pandemic situations, kids and adults, seniors and teens have invested more and more time into productive Lego building and the sets of Lego retiring soon 2021 would come as a shock to many.

If you already own the retiring sets, all good. However, if you do not but have always wanted to buy those, now is the time to add those to your collection. In this blog, you will see all of the Lego sets that are retiring in this year, and also the best Lego light kit for each retired building sets.

Lego retiring soon 2021

Lego Sets Retiring This Year

Here are the Lego sets that are all set to retire in 2021 and if you have other models from the same category or lighting kits for those, combining them together for a detailed scenario would be a great idea –

A. The Retired Lego Speed Champions Sets

  1. Chevrolet Camaro ZR1 Race Car 75891–The 198-piece model suitable for anyone above seven comes with the driver Minifigure, fuel canister, adjustable roll cage, removable windshield on cockpit, Camaro rims, translucent light elements, graphics stickers and rubber tires.  
  2. 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895–This model with 180 pieces age-appropriate for 7+ years old features the classic driver Minifigure, three cones for racing, cockpit, removable windshield, rear ‘whale tail’ spoiler and rubber tires on wheels.
  3. McLaren Senna 75892–For 7+ years old, this 219-piece model as a tribute to Ayrton Senna comes with his and McLaren Minifigures, removable windshield, cockpit, logoi stickers and interchangeable rims.  
  4. 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 75893 –Anyone above seven can assemble 478 pieces of this model featuring race marshal, Challenge driver and Charger driver Minifigures. While the Dodge Challenger has wheel rims and decorative stickers, Dodge Charger has alternate engine covering and removable supercharger.  
  5. Ferrari F40 Competizione 75890–With 198 pieces creating cockpit, interchangeable hoods, spoilers and removable windshield, this 2-in-1 model can be recreated into F40 classic road car.

B. The Retired Lego City Sets

  1. Diving Yacht 60221–The 148-piece model for anyone above 5 has two diver Minifigures, crab and swordfish figures, sea floor with treasure chest, removable roof for accessible lower deck, sun deck, turning searchlight and napping space.
  2. Race Boat Transporter 60254–One of the retiring Lego sets from Lego City, this 238-piece model age-appropriate for anyone above five has Instruction Plus. There are truck with a trailer and floating boat with Minifigures, opening doors, restraining bars, removable roof and opening cockpit.   
  3. Deep Space Rocket and Launch 60228– With 837 pieces, this Lego City model for 7+ years old comes with Instruction Plus for easy building and six Minifigures. The NASA-inspired multi-stage rocket is customizable with booster, cockpit modules, payload storage, rover featuring space telescope, grappling arm and monorail system having two cars and multi-stop track.
lego Deep Space Rocket and Launch 60228

C. The Retired Lego Classic Sets

  1. Bricks on a Roll 10715–This 442-piece model for any 4+ years old has an array of wheels, vibrant tires of different shapes and eyes.
  2. Creative Green Bricks 11007 –Any enthusiast above four can assemble this 60-piece model into the green dog, apple tree with detachable apple and mini helicopter featuring rotatable blades.  

D. The Retired Lego Harry Potter Sets

  1. Hogwarts™ Great Hall 75954– With 878 pieces, this set suitable for 9 to 14 years old features different scenes including the battle with Basilisk, the mirror of Erised, the duel with Malfoy and the sorting ceremony. There are ten Minifigures including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Susan Bones, Dumbledore, Voldemort with Quirrel, McGonagall etc.
    Hogwarts™ Great Hall 75954 lego with lights
  2. Hogwarts™ Students Acc. Set 40419–Suitable for 6+ years old enthusiasts, this 53-piece model has Harry Potter Minifigure from Gryffindor, Malfoy Minifigure from Slytherin, Cho Chang Minifigure from Ravenclaw and Hannah Abbott Minifigure from Hufflepuff with accessories like Marauder’s Map, wands, bookshelf etc.
  3. Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue 75947–With 496 pieces, this 8+ years age-appropriate set recreates stories from Prisoner of Azkaban with Minister, Executioner, Hagrid, Harry, Ron and Hermione Minifigures as Hippogriff figure is rescued from removable chains within pumpkin patch.
  4. Hogwarts™ Whomping Willow™ 75953–Created for 8 to 14 years old, this 753-piece model has Minifigures of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Finnigan, Snape, Filch and Hedwig figure to recreate moments from Chamber of Secrets like flying the Ford Anglia, spinning the branches to throw off the car and detailed three-leveled Hogwarts castle with Snape’s office, dorms and potions classroom.

  1. Hogwarts™ Room of Requirement 75966–With 193 pieces, this model for 7+ years old recreates the scenario from Order of the Phoenix where Dumbledore’s Army including Harry, Luna and Hermione practice Patronus charms with Otter and Hare Minifigures and Stupify a dummy Death Eater.
  2. Forbidden Forest: Umbridge's Encounter 75967–Enacting one of the reveling scenes from Order of the Phoenix, this 253-piece model for 8+ years old builders features Harry, Hermione and Dolores Umbridge Minifigures as they face the posable giant figure of Grawp and two centaur figures take away Dolores.   
  3. Hogwarts™ Moment: Herbology Class 76384 –233 pieces of this model for anyone above 8 will help you create the Herbology class scene at the greenhouse with Minifigures of Cedric, Neville and Professor Sprout and accessories like pruning scissors and spade.
  4. Hogwarts™ Moment: Charms Class 76385–With 256 pieces, this model for enthusiasts above 8 has Minifigures of Harry, Cho Chang and Professor Flitwick along with variegated furniture, blackboard, fireplace and bookshelf.

E. The Retired Lego Jurassic World Sets

  1. Baryonyx Face-off: The Treasure Hunt 75935– This 434-piece set suitable for 7+ years old enthusiasts have Minifigures of Owen, Claire, Nedermeyer, Prescott along with a dog figure of Red. There are offroader, trailer and jungle scene featuring hidden chest and buildable Baryonyx dinosaur with posable head, legs, arms and snapping jaws.
Light Kit For Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt 75935

    F. The Retired Lego Creator Sets

    1. Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097  This 3-in-1 model with 969 pieces is suitable for anyone above nine and has three Minifigures for the pet shop with café that can be rebuilt into market street and tram or multi-storied bank, which can be lightened up by Lego lights. The pet shop and café come with vibrant façade, decorative signage, ATM, sidewalk etc while 2-level building has detailed interior and exterior for the café with rooftop terrace and upper-level kitchen and the three-level building comes with detailed pet shop with aquarium, animal figures, bedroom and roof.

    G. The Retired Lego Creator Expert Sets

    1. London Bus 10258– The 1686-piece model for 16+ years old enthusiasts comes with vibrant red color scheme curved bodywork, large windows, reversible advertising posters, panoramic windshield, specially-made tires, detailed engine, opening hood, removable roof, upper deck and sliding door for driver cabin. The detailed interior includes boarding deck, ticket bin, half-spiral staircase and sightseeing deck.
    2. James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262–This 1295-piece 16+ years age-appropriate Lego retiring soon has grey color scheme and features detailed interior with hidden radar tracker, functioning machine guns on front wing, triggering ejector seat like the movies, wheel-mounted scythes and changeable number plates.
    3. Corner Garage 10264–Suitable for 16+ years old this 2569-piece set has six Minifigures along with five animals figures, three-leveled building with 1950;s façade, rooftop terrace, intricate sidewalk and streetlamp. Highlights include tool rack, fuel pump and vehicle lift on ground level gas station, examination table, fish tank and waiting area at animal clinic and detailed kitchen, sofa, seating area at upper level apartment.  
    4. Gingerbread House 10267–With 1477 pieces, this set for 12+ years old enthusiasts come with vibrant façade, opaque windows, fireplace with blazing function, chimney stack, chocolate bed with candy furnishing, gingerbread couple with baby in carriage and bathroom with bathtub and toilet.  
    5. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269–1023 pieces of this set suitable for anyone above sixteen in red, white and black signature color scheme features teardrop fuel tank, printed emblems, speedometer, detailed Milwaukee-Eight engine featuring movable pistons, sturdy disc wheels, adjustable mirrors on handlebars, detailed suspension and flip-down kickstand.

    H. The Retired Lego Disney Sets

    1. Elsa's Magical Ice Palace 43172–Assemble 701 pieces of this model suitable for anyone above six to create the two-storied palace featuring revolving staircase, sliding bridge, snow fort, working seesaw and three-carriage sleigh at outdoor playground and kitchen with furniture.
    2. Anna's Canoe Expedition 41165–With Instruction Plus, this 108-piece set for any 4+ years old lets you recreate the scenes from Frozen 2 with Anna, Olaf and bunny figures. The set features ice canoe, ice slide, movable foliage, sleeping giant figures and Starter Pack for adventure canoe.  
    3. Belle's Castle Winter Celebration 43180–Anyone above four can assemble 238 pieces of the set that features Minifigures of Belle, Beast transformable into the prince, Chip, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth etc, detailed rooms of the castle, vanity table , fireplace etc.   

    Light up lego with lights

    I. The Retired Lego Dots Sets

    1. Power Bracelet 41919–This purple-colored 33-piece set for 6+ years old will fit both kids’ and adult’s wrist with 32 tiles featuring empowerment messages for customization.
    2. Go Team! Bracelet 41911–Available in blue color, this is another 33-piece set for 6+ years old featuring 32 vibrant tiles with sports-related icons.

    J. The Retired Lego Duplo Sets

    1. Big Fair 10840–Suitable for 2 to 5 years old, this 106-piece model with five Minifigures has Ferris Wheel, rotating carousel having functional gearwheel, four horses and large wavy slides.
    2. Airport 10871–Age-appropriate for 2-5 years, this 29-piece model features three Minifigures, boarding gate, revolving traffic control, luggage slide etc.
    3. Police Station 10902–Suitable for 2+ years old, t5his 38-piece model has two police officer Minifigures, one crook figure, flashing lights on blue police car and siren to stop the crook with donuts.
    4. Submarine Adventure 10910–Anyone above 2 can assemble 24 pieces of this model featuring two diver Minifigures, seagull, whale and nemo fish figures, vibrant submarine and buildable seaweed-infested arch.
    5. Toy Story Train 10894–21 pieces of the set age-appropriate for 2+ years can help you assemble the opening roofs and other parts of the steam train, bank vault, bricks, lasso, ‘Wanted’ sign for Porkchop along with Minifigures of Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  
    6. Bakery 10928–The 46-piece set for anyone above two years features colorful café, detailed delivery van and bakery with accessories like oven and mixer.

    K. The Retired Lego Minecraft Sets

    1. The Wool Farm 21153–There are 260 pieces of this model for 7+ years to help you create the farm with fence, birch tree, stepping stones, stream, crops, two dyed sheep with lamb and Steve Minifigure.
    2. The Creeper Mine 21155–Although suitable for anyone above eight, there are 834 pieces to assemble to create the mine with minecart, Creeper banners, anvil, bed, mesa and desert setting, cactus, irrigated vegetable patch, explosion feature, railtrack and shelter with Creeper statue.

    L. The Retired Lego Ninjago Sets

    1. Jay's Cyber Dragon 71711–With 518 Lego pieces, this set suitable for 8+ years old comes with five Minifigures of Nya, Jay, Hausner, Richie and Unagami along with the posable drago that has spring-loaded missile-shooters.  
    2.  Kai's Mech Jet 71707–Instruction Plus helps anyone above seven in assembling this 217-piece model Richie and Kai Minifigures, Key-Tana and Ninjago Mech that is transformable into jet plane. 
    3. Gamer's Market 71708 –Appropriate for 7+ years old, the 218-piece structure including Instruction Plus is equipped with nine Minifigures, stalls with six different ninja hats and new weapons.
    4. Cole's Speeder Car 71706–There are 52 pieces in this Instruction Plus compatible set for 4+ years olds to help creating the car with Starter Brick chassis and adding Hausner and Digi Cole Minifigures accordingly.
    5. Ninja Tuner Car 71710–Anyone above eight can assemble 419 Lego pieces of this model featuring Minifigures of 2 Red Visors, Scott and Digi Kai and the Ninja Tuner Car.  
    6. Empire Temple of Madness 71712–Anyone above nine can build this 810-piece model of the detailed temple with six Minifigures of Cole, Lloyd, Digi bJay, Sushimi, Red Visor and Unagami.
    7. Wu's Battle Dragon 71718–Assemble 321 Lego pieces of the model created for any 7+ years old with two buildable Gleck and Hero Wu figures, Ivory Blade of Deliverance and the Battle Dragon with posable tail, head, wings and legs.
    8. Spinjitzu Burst – Cole 70685–Use 48 pieces of the model age-appropriate for 7+ years old enthusiasts to create the Spinjitzu spinner with launch pad and blades and the Cole Burst Minifigure.  
    9. Spinjitzu Burst – Kai 70686–Anyone above the age of seven can assemble 48 pieces of this model that has Kai Burst Minifigure and the Spinjitzu spinner with blades and launch pad.  
    10. Spinjitzu Burst– Lloyd 70687–This 48-piece model featuring launch pad, blades and Spinjitzu Spinner with Lloyd Minifigure can be built by any 7+ years old.
    11. Journey to the Skull Dungeons 71717–With 401 pieces, this model for 7+ years old features Hero Nya, Lloyd, Jay and Murt Minifigures with dice spinner, prison cell and dungeon cell.  

    M. The Retired Lego Star Wars Sets

    1. Sith TIE Fighter™ 75272–For 9+ years old, this 470-piece model designed as shown in The Rise of Skywalker features First Order TIE pilot, Finn and Ren Minifigures, detailed cockpit, two spring-loaded shooters and docking tower to launch.  
    2. Snowspeeder™ 75268–Anyone above four can assemble 91 pieces with the help of Instruction Plus and create Echo Base defense station, speeder bike and snowspeeder with snowtrooper and Wedge Antilles Minifigures.   
    3. Duel on Mustafar™ 75269–With 208 pieces, this set for 7+ years old features Obi-Wan and Darth Vader Minifigures in battle-worn attire with lightsabers, rotating platform and lava explosion features with Instruction Plus.   
    4. Sith Troopers™ Battle Pack 75266–There are 105 pieces for this model for 6+ years old builders and it features First Order officer, two Sith jet troopers and one Sith trooper Minifigures, four stud-shooters, two jetpack elements and Lego Life App Instruction Plus for digital play.  
    5. D-O™ 75278–Created for any 10+ years old, the 519-piece set has nameplate, Minifigure, 360-degree tilting rotating head, posable antennas and information stand.
    6. AT-ST™ Raider from The Mandalorian 75254–There are 540 pieces to assemble for this 8+ years age-appropriate model featuring two Klatooinian Raiders, Cara Dune and the Mnadalorian Minifigures, posable jointed legs, turning turret revealing a detailed interior and two firing shooters.

    N. The Retired Lego Super Heroes Sets

    1. Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125–The 524-piece set for 7+ years old has Mark 1, 5, 41 an 50 figures and two Outrider Minifigures with modular customizable lab, rotating podium, weapon and tool storage, two robotic arms, desk, radar disk, kitchen etc.   
    2. Spiderjet vs. Venom Mech 76150–This 321-piece set with 4-armed supersized Venom figure featuring monstrous claws and movable legs and Spider-jet featuring flick missiles and disc shooters can be assembled by any 7+ years old.   
    3. Thanos Mech 76141–The 152-piece set suitable for anyone above six has Instruction Plus and features Thanos Minifigure that can be inserted in the cockpit of the mech. There are movable legs, arms and Infinity Gauntlet with six Infinity stones.
    4. Avengers Truck Take-down 76143–For 7+ years old enthusiasts, this 477-piece set features Captain America and Hawkeye Minifigures with two AIM agents, drone, motorbike, stud-shooters and the truck with six-shot crossbow.

    O. The Retired Lego Technic Sets

    1. Bugatti Chiron 42083–With 3599 Lego pieces, this 1:8 model suitable for 16+ years old comes in the signature blue color scheme, a top speed key to activate the rear wing for reaching top speed, detailed cockpit, eight-speed gearbox, serial number, W16 engine, paddle gearshift, steering wheel, logoed rims, Bugatti emblem and more.
    2. Rescue Helicopter 42092–Any 8+ years old enthusiast can assemble 325 pieces with Instruction Plus to create the 2-in-1 set that can be recreated into the futuristic Plane. It features spinning rotors, rescue stretcher, working winch, rear doors and opening side.  
    3. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093–Suitable for 9+ years old, this 579-piece set with instruction Plus can be rebuilt into Hot Rod and features the black and orange color scheme. There are low-profile tires, black-spoke rime, moving pistons for V8 engine, working steering, four tailpipes and large rear wing.   
    retiring lego sets

    LED Light Kits For Retiring Lego Sets Of 2021

    Above are the all Lego sets that are retiring this year. If you're interested in those building kits and want to get one, now it's time. If you own your favorite one, you can also try to diy led lights in your Lego kits.

    For example:

    • The light kit for Great Hall includes three 30cm warm white LEDs and eight warm white light strips along with three 5cm, and six 15cm connecting wires, one 6-port expansion board, two adhesive squares, tweezers and eight 1x6 plates to light up Lego with lights.
    • The light kit for Baryonyx Face-off features three 10cm and two 15cm white, one slow-flashing 15cm yellow, two 15cm red, five 15cm green, two 10cm warm white LEDs and one warm white strip, one 8-port and two 6-port expansion boards, one 15cm connecting cable, three 30cm USB cables, three CR2032 oval battery packs and thirteen random Lego plates.
    • The lighting kit of Deep Space Rocket and Launch includes six 15cm and four 30cm warm white, two 15cm and two 30cm blue LEDs, one white, one blue and four warm white strips, three 15cm and four 30cm connecting cables, two 12-port expansion boards, two adhesive squares and ten LEGO plates.
    • You can personalize Lego set with one 15cm warm white, three 15cm white and two slow-flashing red LEDs and two warm white strips from the light kit for 31097 that also contains 5cm, 15cm and 30cm cables, two 6-port expansion boards, oval CR2032 battery pack and five Lego pieces.
    • Lighting kit for London Bus contains four light strips and twelve 30cm LEDs of warm white glow, 6-port and 12-port expansion boards, one 30cm, two 15cm and two 5cm connecting cables, tweezers, four 1x6, one 1x2, one trans clear 1x1 round and six 1x1 round plates.   

    To add a jazz to the retiring sets that you have or planning to buy, both Briksmax and Lightailing has premium handmade lighting kits. You do not need electrical knowledge as each are made for 6+ years old builders.