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Tip top !

Juste parfait et indispensable

Amazing addition to an already excellent model

This kit is must have. Grateful that this kit is available. The lights are definitely an important part of making it come alive

LED Rotating Beacon Lights

Finally installed 2 orange rotating lights on my 42009 crane after many different modifications. They performed very well as claimed and I recommend the for the appropriate model and scale. Well worth the price.

Great lighting kit

Great lighting kit, brings the kit to life



Seems a lot but I promise it’s the most easiest thing to do.

Great lights and service

The picture speaks for itself - this is an awesome kit. But Briksmax service is also top notch. We had a broken connector and they were very responsive with replacing it for free when contacted.

Hello Kenobi

Perfect light kit for this ship. The light up cockpit is a great feature.

Sith Tie Fighter

Great light kit with nice color scheme for this ship


As advertised. Must have for any minifigure

Bright It Is Padawan

Great light kit for this lego set. Awesome the way the lights are used for the sign. The lightsaber lights look phenomenal but be careful when moving as it is fragile. Wish the kit would’ve included lights for the eyes to really take this kit to the next level.

mijn eerste LEGO verlichting set

ik heb vaker gezien bij andere mensen en ik heb toen voor mijn LEGO Disneykasteel deze verlichting set gekocht. ik vond de handleiding wel duidelijk maar paar foto's hadden voor mij ietsje scherper gekund. verder is wel leuk om te doen maar neem je tijd ervoor want de onderdelen zijn echt klein. maar de resultaat mag wel wezen. ik zal graag nog eens keertje wel kopen bij hun. ik had wel de geluid boxjes ietsje groter waren want als je volume omhoog doet gaat het kraken dus je moet vaak zachtjes beluisteren

de enige wat ik wel graag in de instructie boekje had willen zien dat hoe je het geluid en het licht samen kunnen werken. het is nu nog veel meer zelf ontdekken terwijl voor mijn eerste keer beetje bang was vanwege "heb-ik-het-wel-goed-geïnstalleerd?" mentaliteit gevoel krijgt.

verder ben ik wel blij met het set. YouTube video placeholder
Light Kit For Titanic 10294
Justin PaluszkiewiczI’ll

Was very happy with the results of the light it

Light Kit For Assembly Square 10255

Easy to assemble and looking great

Great addition to my lego

Fun to build and works great

I enjoyed adding the lights to my 911. The instructions are small, but I was able to figure everything out, I think. The remote doesn’t make much sense. An overlay might help. I don’t know what the buttons are supposed to do. When I turn in the power, the engine sounds great, but keeps repeating. Another button also seems to start the engine. The turn signals sound like they are blinking, but the don’t aren’t blinking, until I turn them off. Then the sound stops and the lights blink.The interior lights are supposed to turn on and off when the door opens and closes, but don’t, There’s a huge battery pack in the front seat that takes up the cabin. Ther are USB connectors, for what? Definitely could use more info in the User guide. It wasn’t very helpful except to know not to punch the wires between the pieces.

Great Product

Would have been nice to have a few more lights to run up the crane itself.

Winter Village Station 10259

I started off with the Holiday Train (see earlier review) and had some complications. After the initial setbacks it became easier. Remember also that these were BriksMax sets, and it is so easy to break wires. But it all works. A more detailed description from my experience for 3 BriksMax light package can be completed upon request.

Grandsons delight

Delivered before Christmas as promised and 9 year old grandson loved!

Ship in Bottle

Fast response when had missing pieces or nonfunctional ones. Pieces came and set looks beautiful. I really wish you could have the breathe setting as it changed colors instead of the fast or slow color changing mode. It just stays on one color to have the breathe function work. Overall love it!

Absolutely love this and highly recommend buying this set.

I absolutely love this light kit it gives it so much life and realism and I couldn't possibly recommend buying this set more highly so buy this set you won't be disappointed not at all. I build a lot of carnival rides more than just the lego brand official sets and installing the light kits and making custom light sets for my rides is amazing definitely don't pass on this and others definitely buy them you will love them and they are very easy to install even though its just a set of photos with no written instructions its that easy to install and you won't have any problems.

The best lightkit

I liked it I used them in my custom fire station MOC and Train station. It's a cool product that has it's places and now Im one step closer to a fully complete and lit lego city.


They are a great light set nice and bright easy to follow instructions also bought for a few other sets for lego stuff I have very cool 😎

Simply awesome

Fiddly to fit but, wow, what a result. Car looks superb anyway but on another level with the lighting kit. Very highly recommended.


Hedwig looks very cool with the lights. It takes some time but totally worth it! Additional bonus is the remote that enables you to change colors and pattern of the lights! Recommend 100%!