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Jesse Davidson
love it

well lit, easy to operate. The second half of the instruction manual is a bit hard to understand so I reached out to customer service and they made a video on youtube explaining how to assemble.

Thanks !

Looks great!

Makes the castle look amazing! Only 2bthings to point out; they don't light up the fireplaces but they light up the lil torches! & The second half of the instructions was a bit harder to figure out which light bricks go where. Other than those, it was awesome!

Andreas Schertel
Nice Light Kit and mostly easy to install

This Light Kit ist mostly easy to install. The First Part is really easy to understand. The only "problem" (not really) is the Beginning of the second lighting Stripe Installation. It is not really clear documented with which stripe (there are multiple that go out of the USB connector) you need to begin. But if you read the entire documentation, then it gets clearer.
A great thing is that all of the LEDs are already built into Lego Bricks. So no hassle, just routing the wires and clicking the new Bricks onto the right places. Great! All in all I really like this Light Kit, but there are some dislikes on my side:

1.) the lighting on the outside that enlightens the Castle Walls shouldn't be blueish. A warm white would be better because it wouldn't be so cold looking. I also don't like the look of the LED above the water wheel - it isn't well hided.
2.) The routing of the wires needs some work. There are quite a few situations where I choose to take a different route to achieve a better hiding of the wires.
3.) This Light Kit eats Batteries for Breakfast. I already had to recharge them a few times. Better get a decent power bank for higher milage. But yeah, there are a lot of LEDs, so you I guess thats the way it is :)

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