Kit d'éclairage pour Imperial Star Destroyer 75252

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Shannon Moore
Lights work as intended

Lights look great, lot of work to add them to an already built Star Destroyer.

Since they delete negative reviews.

I’d go into why I’m giving this one star but I’ve done that already with an honest review, yet it seems to have disappeared. Guess I’ll come back day after day to leave my review until it stays up.

The wires are flimsy and break easily. Paid $53 for a kit whose wire snapped while working in the first step. You get what you pay for.

Hi, John

Sorry for the bad experience for you. Our customer service has contacted you and we will be able to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Lightailing Customer Service

Thin cheap wires

Love to post a great review and pics. But nope. First I had to email for a pdf of instruction since they’re no listed on the site and the booklet provided is great for younger eyes. The instructions themselves are simply pics of each step, which made me wonder why bags we’re numbered since there’s no mention of it. You get a pic showing the element needed bundled up, then pics to show where they go, with some showing where to run wires but little detail.
My biggest issue is the quality. $53 for thin fragile wires. You get what you pay for. I’ve had other kits from other companies that cost more, but the quality is much higher. During install one wire just broke. It wasn’t pinched between bricks or really anything that might explain why, it just snapped.
This isn’t near my first kit. It is the first I’ve had just snap, wasting all the time I’d spent disassembling the engines and the ones I’d wired. I’ve noticed the same quality issues in the other kit I have from them. You get what you pay for. For me this will be the last kit I purchase. I will say that the remotes I purchase seem to work fine, so I guess there’s that.

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