Kit d'Eclairage pour Porsche 911 RSR 42096

LightailingUGS :LGK117

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simply amazing!

Very nice light kit for a very nice set. My only issue was that the instructions were barely visible, though i heard that's a problem with most technic sets. But the tutorial video on youtube (at 50% speed) helped a great bit with installing it all. And best part is that I was able to mod it so I could connect it to my own light system, which really increases the value in my opinion. I will definitly be coming back for more light kits.

David E. Thomas
All of these kits are awesome!

This was my first Bricksmax kit, a bit tedious to install with the long wires to bundle, but it looks like the newer Lightailing kits have harnesses with appropriate-length wires. I love adding these kits to our Lego cars, have done this Porsche 911 RSR, the Ducati motorcycle and a big Jeep kit, have kits ordered for the McLaren and Ferrari 488 kits. I don't always use all the lights but individual lights are easily deleted. They add so much to the static displays! Really well designed and manufactured kits, and zero problems with anything so far. Nice work Lightailing!

Robert Hark
Porsche lighttailing kit

The first kit I bought was for a Star Wars Boba fetts spaceship and I bought it from bricksma,The Porsche kit I ordered from you guys at light tailing and it by far is a way better and is the best lighting kit I’ve ever had thank you guys so much. Will be buying from you from now on.

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