Kit luci Lightailing per Icons Loop Coaster 10303


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Lionel VEST
Very easy to install !

This was one of the easiest set to install, because of these long led strips. I removed one star because this also makes the set hard to dismantle or rebuild : most of the leds are fixed with double-sided adhesive.

the most beautiful light set I've ever seen

I would like to give a review about the loopcoaster that I think it is a really good light set and that I also think for the set that has come out of LEGO icons 2022 that it really is that you have definitely improved with the light set compared to the light set of 2018 roller coaster that was also beautiful but this one is even more beautiful and I consider this too And I also want to say that because I really do think that this one really belongs to my favorite so that I really leave this one to my favorite and that I certainly think it is very beautiful especially if you look at it overnight or in the evening it is very beautiful because then everything comes out very nicely and that and then in the night the Set also comes from above because it really does and actually stands out what a beautiful really beautiful move this is for the loop roller coaster that you have made Really I really want to applaud you for this top light set Thank you for this fantastic light What are you next li chtset.

Jack Nesbit
Loop coaster

Very good instructions looks amazing

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