If you or your kid likes to enjoy the thrill of the constructing architectural building, then the lego haunted house would be the best option. To increase the spookiness of the model, lego lovers would include a lighting set. It would bring out the distinctive features of the haunted house.

Features of the Lego lighting kit

Even though this Lego set would look marvelous during the day time, but at night the set would appear dull and boring. For this reason, Lego lovers would install a light kit for Lego Monster Fighter Haunted house set 10228. The installation process of this lighting kit is very user-friendly. The user could just follow the detail instruction manual to install the lighting lit on the model.

All LEDs of the lighting kits are pretty powerful to illuminate the whole model and are small enough to fit into any Lego brick. The connecting wires of this kit could be hidden under or within the gap of the Lego bricks. The kit would not affect the outer look of the model. Light kit for Lego  Monster Fighter Haunted house set 10228 has a unique design that enables the user to link several other lighting kits and power it up through a single source.

The central theme of the set

This Lego set is the part of the Monster Fighter series. This Lego set is one of the largest set, which comes with 2,039 pieces of Lego bricks and six mini-figures. Addition of light kit for Lego Monster Fighter Haunted house set 10228 would provide more realistic features of a haunted house. The color schematics and detail designing make the model more popular among Lego lovers.