If you or kid likes vintage automobiles, them this Lego mini cooper set would be perfect for you. This set would let the user enjoy the thrill of assembling this old car. To make the model more realistic, the user could also install lights in the model for giving it a more realistic appearance.

General features of the Lego set

Lego enthusiast would add lights to make this Lego model more interesting. The installation procedure of the light kit for Lego Mini Cooper set is very user-friendly. Just by following the detailed instruction manual, the user could easily customize or install the lighting kit. The LEDs lights of the kits are pretty powerful enough to illuminate the whole model and small enough to fit in Lego bricks of the model.

The wires of this kit could be hidden within the gap or underneath the Lego bricks so that it won’t affect the outer look of the model. Light kit for Lego Mini Cooper set has a unique design that allows the user to chain up several multiple with this lighting kit. The user would not require any additional knowledge for activating the lighting kit as these lighting kits have Plug and Play feature.

The theme of the Lego set

This Lego model is based on the real vintage Mini Cooper vehicle is the part of the Lego Creator set. The set comes with 1,077 functional pieces of Lego bricks, which are required to the whole set. Addition of a customizable light kit for Lego Mini Cooper set would bring out the realistic features of the model. This miniature model of the car bears the authentic such as the engine, racing stripes, hood, fog lights, and tires, which are similar to the real car.