Star Wars have forever been one of the leading themes of the Lego model sets.  The main reason behind it is that the fans of Star Wars love to make the models with Lego. The Tie fighter model belonged to Kylo Ren, a character of the Start War Series. It is an exclusive set that would provide the fans with every detailing of the set. The light kit is also available for the set that would add much detailing.

Alluring components of the Lego Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter set

The light kit for Lego Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter set 75179 contains completely handmade lights. They are LED lights that can lighten up the model brightly. The battery box is also provided along with the light kit that can be attached easily with the lights. All you would have to check is that the total volts stay below 5V. Otherwise, it might burn totally ruining your light set.

The light kit for Lego Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter set 75179 would be very user-friendly as all the lights can be attached to it with just plugins. You can always get mesmerized by the shades.

The instruction book is present with the light set. From here, you can always get the total knowledge about the process of setting up the Lego light kit. All you need to do is to avoid hard pulling. It can damage the lights and you might not be able to revive it.

Lighting concepts

As the model is that of a plane. The lighting concept is quite straightforward. The brown bright lights can be conveniently attached to the main body and the red lights can be attached to the wing tips.