Relive in the animated TV series of the 1980s with the Voltron 21311 set from the Lego Ideas series and assemble 2321 pieces to unleash the replica of the legendary defender from DreamWorks Voltron. Standing over 15 inches in height, the Voltron with shield and sword can be lightened up with the premium lighting kit from Briksmax or you can rebuild the model into five different colored lions and customize the lights accordingly. It is the largest Lego mech with posable black head and torso, posable green and red shoulders, arms and wrists along with blue and yellow legs.

Although the lighting kit is designed for anyone above six years old, you will get a universal instruction manual helping you through step by step installation with illustrations. No matter whether you have any knowledge about electrics or not, the user guide will help you in further installation.

On bringing out the light accessories from the plastic packets wrapped with bubble sheets, test them properly and if there is any defective part or broken item, you have seven days to return the package and get a replacement. Keep the after sale card for two years as manufacturer guarantee.

There are six Lego pieces of random color to customize with the structure. However, as no battery is provided in the light kit, you need to buy the required AA batteries for the battery pack. You will get one yellow, one white and two red strip lights along with one 30cm red, one 30cm blue and two 15cm white LEDs. The connecting wires should be hidden between the stubs well so that they are not tampered with from forcible entry and ruin the look of the Voltron structure. Prepare the brick separator to pass the two 15cm, one 5cm and two 30cm connecting cables smoothly. Set up the 6-port and 8-port expansion boards and the Adhesive Square before connecting the 30cm power cable of the USB hub with the main power.