The Land Rover Defender 42110 set from the Lego Technic series comprises 2573 pieces and once you have finished assembling all the pieces, there is a Briksmax light kit. No matter whether it is day or dark, the premium handmade light accessories will keep your structure highlighted without overshadowing. Affordable and available in a plug-and-play model, the lighting kit is designed as age-appropriate or 6+ years old enthusiasts.

You do not need prior electrical knowledge to set up the lights because this kid-friendly lighting kit contains an instruction manual written in the universal language. The detailed installation steps supported by proper illustrations will help you in step-by-step installation while the user guide book comes in aid of further installation.

There is no battery in the light kit for Land Rover Defender 42110 and you have to purchase three AA batteries separately for the battery holder. Inside the box, you will get separate plastic packets containing different accessories and to keep them safe from damage, there is protection with air-bubble films. On separating the lighting accessories, keep the after-sales warranty card that is valid for 2 years, safely.

 You will get 28 random colored Lego pieces that can be included in the existing Lego structure as customization. Prepare the USB hub by connecting the 30cm power cable. There are one 12-port and three 8-port expansion boards along with three Adhesive Squares that you can set up by referring to the manual.

The light kit contains eight 15cm LEDs and two strip lights of warm white tone along with one 30cm, two 10cm and four 15cm red LEDs for the headlights and taillights of the Land Rover. For the roof rack, there are three slow flashing 15cm colored lights and two 30cm white LEDs while two 15cm blue LEDs and two 10cm yellow LEDs are for other sections of the vehicle such as gate and interior.

Instead of forcing in, pass one 5cm, two 15cm and two 30cm connecting wires comfortably between the stubs so that they remain hidden from the exterior to the land Rover.