The Lego Technic Porche 911 RSR 42096 featuring supercar engineering is a perfect replica with aerodynamic detailing, rear diffuser, sharp contours, ‘swan neck’ mounting and side mirrors. Made up of 1580 Lego pieces, the model in red, black and white color scheme can be lightened up with the BriksMax lighting kit. It will highlight the headlights, taillights, black spoke rims, Laguna Seca on driver’s door, accessible cockpit, steering, 6-cylinder box engine and fire extinguisher.

The lighting kit comes in separate plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets inside the hardy box to avoid any damage during shipping. As you finish assembling the model, you can bring out the accessories to test them for any kind of damage and malfunctioning. The affordable light kit can be easily returned within a week in case of quality issue and you will get a replacement. You can customize with the Lego model using the 1x6 Lego plate, two Trans Round 1x1 red Lego plates, two Trans Round 1x1 clear Lego plates, four 1x1 Trans Round blue Lego plates and fourteen Connector Peg w. Knob.

Keep the after-sales card as 2-years manufacturer guarantee and the user guide book for future installation. Refer to each step and illustration in the universal instruction manual to know how to use the Adhesive Square and how to prepare the USB hub by connecting the 30cm power cable. You need to purchase AA batteries for the battery pack as the light kit does not come with batteries. Set up the two 12-port expansion boards and learn how to pass the wires smoothly between the stubs so that they are well hidden. There is one 15cm and one 30cm connecting wires that you need to pass without force to avoid tampering.

As for lights, there is one strip light of warm white tone and two warm white LEDs measuring 30cm each. Also included are two 30cm white LEDs, six 30cm blue LEDs and eight 30cm red LEDs.