Blazing Lego Fire Brigade 10197

With the increase in the age group of LEGO enthusiasts, the complexity of the LEGO models is also increasing. Modeled after the 1930s fire brigade building, LEGO fire brigade is one of the famous set among the LEGO lovers. They would also implement LEGO lights for increasing the charm of the building.

Theme and Concept of the fire brigade LEGO set

As the name suggests, the main theme of this set would be the day to day functioning of a fire brigade. The total number of LEGO bricks that any user would require to complete this set would be about 2,231 pieces. With the addition of a light kit for LEGO fire brigade 10197, the completed model would look extremely beautiful. There are four miniatures included in the set which would increase the charm of the set.

Outstanding features of the LEGO lights

Your fire brigade Lego set would not be completed without the addition of light kit for LEGO fire brigade 10197. All LED lights are powerful enough for illuminating the whole structure. All lights and wires could be placed either underneath or within the gap of LEGO bricks. The kit would not affect the outer appearance of the LEGO set. The kit would include the expansion board, lights, USB power cable, and battery pack.

The set would also include white, blue and red lights. The unique design of light kit for LEGO fire brigade 10197 would also allow the user to join and power it up with other lightning kits through the single power source. The user would just have to plug in the power source to activate the lighting kit.