Lego Detective Office is one of the sets that belong to the Lego Modular Series. This set would allow your kid to become an imaginative detective and would help to create a detective story. The addition of the kit would bring out the distinctive features of this modular model.

Silent Features of the Lego Lighting Kit

After the installation of the light kit for Lego Detective Office 10246, it would this modular model look more active and life-like. By mounting the kit, you would be able to enjoy the real charm of this model during the night time. The installation process of the light kit for Lego Detective Office 10246 is very easy. The user would be able to able to customize all LEDs according to their wishes. The guide given along with the kit would help the user in the process of installing the kit.

The set would include customization LED lights, USB connecting wires, expansion boards, and AA battery pack. For activating the kit, the user would just have to plug in the power cable. All LED lights and wires of light kit for Lego Detective Office 10246 are specially designed for the set. They could be placed among the gap or underneath the LED bricks of the set.

The Theme of the Lego Set

The main theme of this Lego set would be the office of an expert detective known as Mr. Ace Brick-man. The addition of a light kit for Lego Detective Office 10246 would bring more realistic features to the Lego set. There are about six mini figures, which would enhance the whole scenario of the set.