Every horror movie fan would know or heard the name of Ghostbusters and would also know about the iconic vehicle used in the movie. The popularity of the movie among both children and adult, made LEGO launch a miniature version of the iconic vehicle. The set belongs to the LEGO Idea series, which would bring back fond memories of the 80s.

The theme of the LEGO set

The main theme of this LEGO set is pretty much similar to the original movie. In the movie, the four-man team would ride this iconic vehicle to destroy the ghosts who are bothering the general masses.  Addition of the light kit for LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 would blow life into the model of the car. The LEGO set has four miniature figure of the famous team, making the final model similar to the movie set.

Lighting kit features

Though the model would look marvelous during the day, at night it would appear dull and boring. Therefore, LEGO lovers install a light kit for LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 for transforming the look of the car model. The lighting kit would have 18 individual light to transform the model into a realistic Ghostbusters machine. The user won’t need any additional skills to install or customize the lighting set. Users would just have to follow the instruction manual to complete the installation process.

The unique design of the light kit for LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 would enable the user to link up with other brands of lighting kits. This lighting kit would include two expansion boards, connecting cables, USB power cable, white lights, and an oval battery pack. All LED lights are small enough such that they could be placed underneath the LEGO bricks.