Build the world’s largest Art Museum, Louvre, and experience the subtle blend of Modern and Renaissance architecture. Illuminate your beautiful LEGO set with the lighting kit and make it a spectacle to watch. This amazingly detailed LEGO model features the famous French pavilion, Pavillon de l’Horloge, and the controversial yet iconic Glass Pyramid. This set also includes a booklet which contains valuable information about the architecture, design and the history of this amazing structure.

Features of the Light Kit for Louvre Set 21024 

The theme of this LEGO set it to recreate the amazing Louvre museum with your creative touch. The addition of the Light Kit for Louvre Set 21024  will not only make your amazing model come alive but also make sure that every corner and detail is well highlighted. Made with the authentic ingredient, the quality of the light will provide the exact amount of brightness which will make your model look picture perfect. Exclusively designed for the LEGO Louvre Set 21024, the lights can be placed underneath the bricks and in the gaps. Thus they will make your model look enchanting without hindering with the looks.

The Light Kit for Louvre Set 21024 includes customized LED lights, LED wires and bricks. The set also comes with an AA Battery Pack and USB-Hub and the guide book. With the help step-by-step instructions book, you will be able to light up your fantastic model without wasting much of your time.

Effect of the Light Kit

Even though your model may look pretty at day but at night, it will look like just another lifeless set. The goal of the Light Kit for Louvre Set 21024 is to not only make your model look better but give it a magical shine which will amaze everyone.