Recreate those moments spent on the road trip in a caravan and camping under the pristine nature with your kids aged between five and twelve years who would love to assemble 344 Lego pieces of the Lego Caravan Set 60182. Those who are fond of the automobile and outdoor trips would definitely love this structure from Lego City series because now the  Lightailing light kit  makes it easier for even a layman in electrics to install lights and make the structure stand out in the darkness.

Special Features of Pickup & Caravan 60182

The minifigures of parents, crab, and son from the Pickup & Caravan set come with various accessories like a toy ship, gas fire, fish, pan, net, buildable table, chairs, and mugs. You can open Caravan’s side to check inside and open front roof to check the bedroom. The caravan and pickup can be separated and the former can stand independently with a support leg. Furniture, truck bed and minifigure cab are the other attractions.    

What to Know About Lighting Kit For Pickup & Caravan

Inside the bubble-film packets of the light kit for Lego Caravan set 60182 you will find one 30cm red LED, two 30cm blue LED, six 15cm LEDs and four 30cm LEDs with warm white tone and four 15cm white LEDs. You can make some customization with one 1x6 Lego Plate, two red 1x1 Trans round Lego plates and four yellow Trans round Lego plates. Two connecting cables, each measuring 15cm and a 30cm USB cable for the USB hub are offered with the two expansion boards with 8 and 12 ports respectively.

Get AA batteries for the battery pack and make use of the adhesive square while following the user guide and instruction manual for light installation. Keep the after sales warranty card safely.