Everyone loves to create. Based upon this thought, the Lego sets took the marketing world by storm because of its inventiveness. It quickly rose to fame as both the children and the adults were attracted by its creativity. The amazing model of Lego Corner Garage can be an interesting set as it brings the 1950s’ classic style with highly detailed interior.

LEGO Theme and Concept

The theme of this Lego set is to create the vibes of the 1950s. Comprising of three stories, this classic model comes with a highly detailed interior. The set includes mini figures like as a gas station owner, a girl, a man, a vet etc. It also includes parrot, bunny, dog, fish and parrot figures.

Between the three stories, the ground level presents a gas station, a fuel pump, a vehicle workshop and a kiosk. The addition of Light Kit for Lego Corner Garage 10264 will clarify the details of your model even more and give it a charming look.

Effect of Light on the Lego Set

The model is quite a spectacle to behold by itself. But it will not be as attractive at night as it is during the day. Light kit for Lego Corner Garage 10264 gives your Lego model a new life. The high-quality lights will give the set enough brightness to maintain its amazing look.

Whereas the tiny size of the lights will be well hidden and will not hinder with the looks of the model. With the step-by-step guide, the instructions book will make it easier to customize the model. You can chain the multiple lighting kits through only one power source thanks to the unique design. No electronics knowledge is needed as all the kits are plug-and-play.