Consisting of 1969 pieces, the NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 set from the Lego Ideas series is built in approximately 1:110 ratio and it is one of the tallest structure with height of 39 inches. Astronomy enthusiasts and Lego builders would love to add details including three removable stages and three display stands that help showing the structure horizontally. With the premium lighting kit from BriksMax, you can highlight the first S-IC and the second S-II rocket stages featuring detailed main engines and the third S-IVB rocket stage featuring lunar orbiter, lunar lander and rescue rocket.

You will get five warm white LEDs measuring 30cm each and six warm white LEDs measuring 15cm each. Three multiple function boards are there to adjust the flashing variants of these LEDs accordingly. To connect the lights, you will get two connecting cables measuring 5cm each. The wires should remain hidden from the exterior look and hence, you have to set up the brick separator in advance so that you can pass them between the stubs smoothly without any force, thereby avoiding any damage.

The lighting kit for NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 is handmade and is suitable for any 6+ years old user. However, you should finish assembling the Lego structure and then start with the lights to avoid losing or tampering any delicate accessory mistakenly. There are six Lego 1x1 Trans Round Yellow plates that you can easily include in the existing structure for a customized look.

There is no battery in the light kit and you have to purchase the required AA batteries beforehand for the three CR2032 Oval battery packs. Setting up the two Expansion boards, each having six ports, is necessary before you connect the power cable with the USB hub. All these installation steps will become easier as you refer to each step written in the universal language and follow the illustrations in the instruction book. Keep the user guide for further installation and the after sale card for 2-year guarantee.