The NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266 from the Lego Creator series is a treat to any Lego enthusiast having interest in astronomy and aeronautics. As the golden jubilee celebration of the first Moon mission led by NASA with Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin, this replica structure comes with the USA flag and banner. With the handmade and high-quality lighting kit from BriksMax, you can highlight the legendary Lunar Lander ladder, detachable ascent stage with detailed interior for two astronaut Minifigures and descent stages with laser hatches, panels, opening camera and golden landing pads.

Completion of the structure made up of 1087 pieces is important before starting with the light kit and you will also get twelve random colored Lego pieces for customization with the model. Testing each accessory is really important before the final set up because any broken or malfunctioning part can cause hazards.

Prior electrical knowledge is not required for installing the light kit for NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266 as it is designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts and the user guide is there to help you in further light setup. You need to follow each step and illustration in the instruction manual to know how to set up the two Adhesive Squares, use the two multifunction boards for adjusting the glare and to prepare the two 8-port expansion boards.

Connect the two warm white light strips, six warm white 15cm LEDs and six white 15cm LEDs with two 15cm and three 5cm connecting cables. Get batteries for the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm cable with the USB hub.      

You have one week’s time to return any light kit with quality issue and a replacement will be sent to you. However, the accessories are packed inside separate plastic packets and protected from handling damage with air-bubble wrapping. So it is highly unlikely that the accessories will get tampered with inside the box –still, there is an after sale card inside the light kit that will give you manufacturer guarantee of two years from delivery.