Highlight your Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 made up of 1334 pieces with the high-quality and handmade lighting kit from Briksmax. This celebrated set from the Lego Creator series is a perfect replica of the car from 1962 with its red and white color scheme, V-shaped color split, opening ‘splittie’ windshield, pop-up roof and detailed interior.

Finish assembling the pieces and then open up the box to reveal the plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble films. Although any damage is unlikely with such protection, you need to check each accessory properly to detect any broken part and test the accessories to make sure they work perfectly.  

Keep the after-sales card safely as it offers manufacturer guarantee of two years. If you find any defect while testing the light kit, return it within seven days and ask for a replacement. There is a user guide book that will come handy during further installation. The most important is the instruction book that is written in the universal language for better understanding. It contains detailed illustrations along with step by step instructions for ease of installation. No matter whether you know about electrics or not, the instruction manual will help you out.

Designed for anyone above 6 years old, the lighting kit for Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 contains random colored one 1x2 Lego plate, two 4x6 Lego plates and eight 2x4 Lego plates for customization with the Lego structure. As the light kit only comes with the CR2032 Oval Battery Pack, you have to get AA batteries beforehand. There is one 30cm power cord that you have to connect with the USB hub and set up the expansion board with 12 ports.

For the headlights and the interior to the van, there are ten white LEDs, each having length of 30cm. The connecting wires should be hidden well between the stubs so that the outer look of the Lego model is not spoiled.