Experience the brilliant architectural diversity of the city of London with this exclusive LEGO set. Especially famous among the travel lovers, this model features an extremely detailed view of the London skyline. Addition of the lighting kit for this LEGO set will surely increase its aesthetic beauty which will excite both the children and the adults.

Theme and Concept of the LEGO Set

The main theme of this LEGO set is to recreate the beauty of the London Skyline with 468 functioning set. This set features 5 famous landmarks of London including Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the National Gallery. By adding the Light kit for London Skyline set 21034  featured landmarks will look more realistic and beautify the whole model. This model set also comes with a collectible booklet which informs the readers about the architecture, design, and history of the buildings.

Fascinating Features of Light kit for London Skyline set 21034

Your model will not be perfect without the addition of Light kit for London Skyline set 21034. The lighting kit will make the LEGO set look more vibrant even at night. The lights are designed as such that those could be placed under bricks and within the gaps. So it will not hinder with the looks yet will illuminate every part of your model thus making the details look bold and beautiful.

The Light kit for London Skyline set 21034 comes with customized LED wires, LED lights and bricks. It also contains an AA battery pack and a USB-Hub. The instructions book will provide a step-by-step guide and make the way of lighting up your model very easy. You don’t have to be tech-savvy as all the kits follow the plug-and-play system.