The Lego Disney series brings the 2925-piece model of Disney Train and Station 71044 that features passenger car, steam locomotive, parlor car and tender. As you power up the motor with your mobile device for sound effects and control over the train, the handmade lighting kit from Briksmax will highlight the café corner, ticket counter and the detailed interior complete with ceiling chandelier, wall clock and draped windows.

Designed as age-appropriate for anyone above six, the light kit can be installed by anyone with or without knowledge about electrics as there is user guide for future installation. Moreover, the universal instruction manual featuring illustrations for each installation step will come handy in light set up. On completing the structure, you have to open the box and bring out the lighting accessories from the plastic packets wrapped in air-bubble sheets.

Testing each accessory is recommended as you would not want any broken piece or malfunctioning part after the final setup. Keep the after sale guarantee card of two years handy and get a replacement on returning the package within one week of delivery if you find any quality issue.

Now, there are nine randomized Lego pieces for customization with the existing Lego structure. It is better to get batteries in advance for the two AA battery packs and set up the brick separators to avoid forceful entry of the connecting wires. You will get seven warm white light strips, two large warm white 15cm lights, seven 15cm LEDs and fifteen 10cm LEDs of warm white tone along with one 15cm blue LED, one 15cm yellow LED and two 15cm white LEDs.

There are four 5cm, one 30cm, one 50cm and eight 15cm cables that need to be hidden smoothly and passed between the stubs. Connect the two power cables measuring 30cm each, with the USB hub once you have set up the three Adhesive Squares, one 12-port expansion boards and eight 6-port expansion boards.