With 1471 pieces, the Ford Mustang 10265 model from the Lego Creator series creates a perfect replica of the original supercar from 1960s. The dark blue paintwork, white racing strips, two GT emblems and Mustang grille badge complement the realistic features of this Lego structure. With the high quality lighting accessories and sufficiently bring LED lights from BriksMax, you can highlight the adjustable rear axle, five-spoke rims, high gripping tires, sturdy air scoop, opening trunk and hood, detailed interior revealed by opening roof and more.  

The lighting kit is handmade and delicate –to avoid any handling damage, each accessory is packed inside separate plastic bags and those are wrapped with air-bubble sheets. Still, you need to ensure that all the accessories are in proper shape and functioning fine. For any defect, you can get a replacement by returning the package within seven days of delivery. Moreover, there is an after sale card in the light kit that gives manufacturer warranty of two years.

You have to get the AA batteries required for the battery pack beforehand as the lighting kit for Ford Mustang 10265 does not offer any battery. One Adhesive Square and two Expansion Boards, each having 12 ports are to be set up along with the USB hub where you have to connect the 30cm power cable. There are two connecting cables measuring 15cm each, which you have to pass between the stubs of the brick separator smoothly to avoid damage from forcible entry. Hide the wires after connecting to the lights so that the overall outer look of the car is not marred.

Use the 1x6 Lego plate and the seven Trans Clear 1x1 Round Lego plates for customization with the structure. For the interior, headlights, taillights and hood, you will get one light strip of warm white tone along with one 15cm and one 30cm warm white LEDs, four 30cm and two 15cm white LEDs and nine 15cm red LEDs. Throughout the installation process, the illustrated universal instruction manual will help while the user guide is for further installation.