Inspired from Friends of Heartlake City, the Heartlake Summer Pool 41313 set from the Lego Friends series comes with only 589 pieces to assemble. Once the structure is complete, kids above six years of age will love to add lighting kit from Briksmax to this set. This beginner model is perfect for kids and no matter whether you have electrical knowledge or not, with the universal instructions, anyone can set up the lights.

First things first, you will get bubble wrapped plastic packets inside the sturdy Briksmax box which keep the accessories in separate packets safe from being tampered with during shipping. Once you bring out all the accessories, it is time to check properly whether there is any broken part. Also, test the accessories to make sure that they function properly. If you find even the minutest of defect, return the package within seven days. A replacement will be sent to you meanwhile. However, if there is any manufacturing issue, the after sale card will cover the servicing cost for two years from delivery.

Refer to the user guide for ease of installation in future and check each illustrated step in the universal instruction book to set up the light ki8t for Heartlake Summer Pool 41313. You will get two random colored and shaped Lego pieces in the lighting accessories, which you can use in the model for customization. Meanwhile, get AA batteries for the battery pack as you will not get any in the lighting kit.

Now, set up the brick separators to pass the wires smoothly in a hidden way. There is one 15cm connecting cable and three connecting cables measuring 5cm each –pass these between the stubs without force. Prepare the Adhesive Square along with three expansion boards having 6 ports each. There is one slow flashing 30cm colored light, four white LEDs measuring 30cm each and six white LEDs measuring 15cm each.