Equipped with 1353 pieces, the Millennium falcon 75257 model from the Lego Star Wars series can be lightened up by Brikxmax lighting kit. The handmade light kit is of premium quality and anyone above 6 can set up the lights even without electrical knowledge.

The box contains plastic packets wrapped with bubble films and on opening the packets, you should test each accessory to make sure those are in proper shape and functioning well. There is an after-sale card with 2 years of guarantee and a user guide to help in further installations. Go through each illustrated step on the universal instruction manual to set up the light kit.

Six random colored Lego bricks are offered with the light kit for easy customization after you finish assembling the structure. As there is no battery in the lighting kit, you need to get three AA batteries for the battery holder. Place the Adhesive Square properly and connect the 30cm USB cable to the power hub. You will find one 6-port and one 8-port Expansion Board that are to be set up as instructed.

For the cockpit and stud shooter, there are four warm white light strips and one 15cm warm white LED along with two slow flashing 30cm red LEDs and six 15cm blue LEDs. You should set up the brick separator so that the connecting wires can be passed comfortably. The light kit for Millennium Falcon 75257 contains two connecting cables or 30cm length each and three cables of 5cm each. Do not force the wires between the stubs and make sure that the wires remain hidden in a way that the outer look of the model is not ruined.

After delivery of the product, during testing or after the final setup of the light kit, if you find any defective or broken part, the company gives easy return and resend the facility for seven days.