From the Lego Movie 2, the Lego Apocalypseburg 70840 model made up of 3178 pieces can be brightened up with the handmade BriksMax lighting kit that is suitable for anyone above six. The different modules of the structure include the State of Liberty, Scribble Cop’s cabin, café, gym, rooftop diner, spa, armory, tattoo and barber parlor, Fuse’s workshop and Lucy’s Hideout. Remove or attach these modules as you want and add lights so that it never remains overshadowed in dark.

You will find the accessories inside separate plastic packs wrapped with bubble films inside the box. Firstly, test each accessory and check their functionality –if there is any quality issue, you can send it back within seven days of delivery and get a replaced light kit. The after-sale 2-year warranty card should be kept safe for further servicing, if necessary.

Among the most distinct part of the Apocalypseburg is the Stature of Liberty with its opening head revealing the chill-out room, buildable telescope, three lookout platforms and buildable torch. With the twelve random colored Lego pieces, you can customize with the structure. Follow each step written in the universal language and supporting illustration on the two instruction manuals and keep the user guide book handy for future installation.

You will get three slow flashing 15cm white lights, ten white light strips, three 15cm and ten 30cm white LEDs along with one blue light strip, two blue 30cm LEDs and one red light strip. The two multifunction boards are there for adjusting the flash of the lights. Prepare the brick separators in advance to pass the seven 5cm, one 50cm, four 15cm and six 30cm connecting cables without force. The cables should remain between the stubs comfortably so that they are not visible from outside.

Get batteries separately for the AA battery box, place the three Adhesive Squares, connect the 30cm power cable with the USB hub and set up one 8-port and four 6-port expansion boards.