The Lego Technic series brings the hi-tech 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099 model made up of 958 pieces and it features huge wheels, sturdy tires, independent high-rise suspension and engineering details. With its smart hub having three advanced motors controlled by Technic Control+ app, it can move in various directions, get tilt and speed related feedbacks and traverse through rugged terrains with obstacles. Thanks to the high-quality and handmade lighting kit of Briksmax, your Lego model will get a new look even when it is dark.

Any Lego builder above six years old can try out installing the light kit and for that, there is no need to be skilled in electrics. The light accessories are packed separately in plastic packets and those are covered with air-bubble films to avoid damage while shipping the box. Although it is unlikely but while testing, if you find any part not working properly or any broken accessory, return it within a week of delivery and get a replaced light kit. Moreover, to cover any manufacturer defect in two years, there is an after sale card inside the box which you should keep safe.

On assembling the structure, you can customize it with the four Lego pieces of random color available in the light kit for 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099. You will get one blue and one warm white light strips along with two warm white 30cm LEDs, two yellow 30cm LEDs, two red 30cm LEDs and four white 15cm LEDs.

Place the Adhesive Square and insert the AA batteries into the battery pack. There is no battery included in the package. Set up the brick separator that ensures smooth passing of the wires between the stubs and it will keep the 5cm connecting cable and two 15cm connecting cables hidden from the exterior of the model. Also, prepare the two Expansion boards with 6 ports and 12 ports respectively.