The 3036-piece Tree House 21318 set from the Lego Ideas series is one of the most vibrant and extensive sets that can be lightened up with the handmade lighting kits from BriksMax. The LED lights with sufficient brightness and supporting accessories of top quality make the structure stand out even in dark.

There are three cabins in the Tree House namely the main bedroom, kids’ room and the bathroom. What makes the structure so special is that you can add the lights to highlight the customized seasonal look of the tree i.e. brown and yellow leaves depicting fall or autumn and vibrant green leaves for the summer look.

You will get one 30cm and three 15cm LEDs along with three warm white light strips for the detailed interior to the three cabins. The light kit also offers three 15cm white LEDs, five white light strips, five 30cm pink, five 30cm red, five 30cm green and five 30cm blue LEDs along with one multicolored light string for different sections like the fruits and flowers of the tree, swing, staircase and more.  The color changing feature of the light string can be adjusted with the multifunction board.

Before adding lights, you need to complete assembling the Tree House structure and use the 28 random colored Lego bricks in those sections where necessary or for customization. Now, open the box and unfurl the air-bubble sheets to find the plastic packets containing separate light accessories. Test each accessory properly and if you find any defect, return in seven days and get replacement. Keep the after-sale card as manufacturer guarantee of two years.

Prepare the brick separator so that you can pass one 15cm, two 5cm and eight 30cm connecting wires comfortably between stubs. Get batteries in advance for the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm power cable with the USB hub after setting up the Adhesive Square and three 12-port expansion boards.

Follow each illustrated steps written in the universal instruction manual and the user guide to set up the lighting kit even without any electrical knowledge.