A black and white model from the Lego Disney series featuring Micky and Minnie Mouse, Steamboat Willie 21317 was released to celebrate the  90th  anniversary of the 1928 cartoon where S.S Willie Boat was seen. With 751 bricks to assemble, the structure features upwards and downward moving steam pipes, rotating paddle wheels and the ‘potato bin’ that you can lift aboard with the cargo crane. Briksmax offers handmade lighting kit that will brighten up the special details like hidden wheels, S.S. Willie signage, 1928 year signage, bridge with sheep wheel, life buoy, buildable bell and parrot figure.

There are four warm white LEDs measuring 30cm, ten warm white LEDs measuring 15cm and two blue LEDs measuring 15cm along with one warm white light strip. You can connect the lights with the wires passed smoothly between the stubs so that you cannot detect them from outside. Prepare the brick separator to avoid forcible entry of the two 30cm cables and one 15cm connecting cable. Set up the USB hub with the 30cm power cable and get necessary batteries beforehand for the AA battery box as the light kit does not include any battery.

You will get one 1x6 Lego plate and two Trans 1x2 Lego plates that can be used for easy customization or as substitute for any missing Lego pieces in the Lego model. There are two Adhesive Squares in the light kit for Steamboat Willie 21317 set along with one expansion board with 12 ports and two expansion boards with 6 ports. Once you have finished assembling the Lego structure, start with the lighting accessories as the delicate parts might get lost, broken or even cause choking hazard to kids.

The light kit is designed for any user above six years old and it does not require you to know electrics. The instruction manual written in the universal language contains detailed steps and illustrations to help you in light kit setup while the user guide helps in further installation. Test the accessories properly before the final set up and keep the after sales card safely.