Create a jail-breaking and chasing scene with the Lego City Police Station 60141 set consisting of 894 pieces. This beginner model with police pursuit car, police motorbike, helicopter and the cherry picker attached to the crook’s truck comes with the three leveled police station featuring offices, garage, watchtower, helipad and exploding jail cell. With the high-quality lighting kit from BriksMax, you can lighten up the model even at night. Being suitable for any 6+ years old Lego builder, the handmade lighting accessories are kid-friendly and even those without any electrical knowledge can set up lights easily.

Inside the box, you will find separate plastic packets with air-bubble wrapping as protection from shipping damage. On bringing out the accessories, you have to look out for any broken part and also, test them to ensure proper functionality. Within one week of delivery, you can return the package in case there is any quality issue and ask for a replacement. You will get 2 years of manufacturer warranty with the after sale card.

Firstly, check out the detailed steps and illustrations in the universal instruction manual so that light installation becomes easy. Keep the user guide book for further installation assistance. Now, utilize the fifteen random colored Lego pieces for customization with the Lego model. Get AA batteries for the battery pack as the light kit for Police Station 60141 comes without batteries.

Set up the brick separators in advance to avoid forcible entry and damage of the connecting wires. There are four 5cm, six 15cm and four 30cm connecting cables that you need to pass between the stubs smoothly so that they remain hidden. You will get one 30cm and eleven slow flashing 15cm white lights along with two 30cm and ten 15cm white LEDs, two 15cm red LEDs and two 15cm warm white LEDs.

The light kit is equipped with two 8-port and five 6-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares that you need to set up. Connect the 30cm USB cable with the hub, plug in and watch the structure look vibrant.