Everyone who wants to build something with LEGO set would have to use their creativity as well as inventiveness. The famous Buckingham Palace can be one such Interesting LEGO set because of its importance in the History of England. To increase the charm of the LEGO Buckingham Palace, various users would add lighting kit to the set.

LEGO Theme and Concept

The theme of this LEGO would be to recreate the fantastic Buckingham Palace with a more personal touch. With the addition of Light kit for LEGO Buckingham Palace 21029, your kit will be more attractive and charming. This extremely detailed model has been designed to create an extremely interesting building experience. It focuses on several details of neoclassical, monumental façade of the palace, among which the renowned East Wing is featured.

Effect of Light on the LEGO Set 

Even though the model is a spectacle by itself, it will not look as good at night as it looks during the day. Before installing the Light Kit for LEGO Buckingham Palace 21029, the LEGO set would be just another lifeless plastic model. Customizing the Lighting Kit is extremely easy as the instruction books cover detailed step by step guide. Any knowledge about electronics is barely needed as all the kits are plug-and-play.

The set would include connecting cables, USB connecting board, color lights, and AA battery pack. The unique design of the light kit for LEGO Buckingham Palace 21029 would allow the user to chain up several lighting kits and power it up from a single power source. All LED lights are designed in such a way that it could be placed underneath or within the gaps of the LEGO bricks.