Lego is the most favorite plaything for everyone in their childhood. And for increasing its charm, generally, Lego enthusiasts implement lighting kits. The lightning kit helps in bringing out the distinctive features of the whole model.

Concept of the LEGO Downtown Diner 10260

The main focus in this LEGO set was given on the architectural design. This modular set would feature a Streamline Moderne Architectural Design. The addition of the light kit for Lego Downtown Diner 10260 would enhance the appearance of the building. The design of the whole building is defined by several vertical and horizontal lines. This Lego set contains 2480 functional Lego pieces.

Features of the Lego lighting kit

Light kit for Lego Downtown Diner 10260 would increase the charm of the whole Lego set. All lights of the kit are strong enough for illuminating the whole structure, which would give it a fantastic look. The cables and lights are small enough for fitting inside the Lego bricks without affecting the outer appearance of the set. The lighting kit would allow the user to enjoy the view of the night time view of the diner.

The installation process of light kit for Lego Downtown Diner 10260 is very easy. The user would just have to follow the instruction manual provided with the set. Users would have to plug the set to activate these lightning kits. The set would also include a USB connecting board, connecting cables, AA Battery Packs, and several kinds of color lights. The unique design of light kit for Lego Downtown Diner 10260 allows the user to chain up multiple LED lighting kits from a single power source.