Including only 305 Lego pieces, the Penguin Arctic Roller 70911 structure is one of the beginner sets designed for eight to fourteen years old kids and also nerdy adult fans. Recreate the scene from Lego Batman Movie where Batman is facing the Penguin and give it a dynamic effect with the light kit from Lightailing.

Special Features of Penguin Arctic Roller Set

With two essential mini-figures of the Penguin and Batman, the structure is made realistic by adding Bataan and cape as well as the molded spring 2017 series utility belt for Batman. The Penguin is equipped with umbrella, top hat, collar and his mini escape pod featuring a mini-figure cockpit that can be opened, steering wheel and lots of penguin detailing.

The Arctic Roller model has a removable roof on the mini-figure cockpit, rubber tires on 6 wheels, golden trims, fish missile detailing on the sides of the vehicle, translucent headlights and hood ornaments with penguin head design. The dual spring-loaded shooters on its hood can be fired by pressing the button. You can open its trunk and place Penguin with escape pod inside.

Lighting Kit for Arctic Roller Set

Once you are done assembling the structure, you can customize it with the random colored custom bricks included in the light kit for Lego Penguin Arctic Roller 70911. White, red, blue and warm white LEDs connected with LED connecting wires will lighten up the rear, side and front light of the Arctic Roller and the cockpit. Buy AA batteries and install them inside the battery pack and connect the USB wire with the USB hub.

Make sure you check each step written in universal language on the instruction manual to install the lighting kit without having any electrical knowledge.