After the release of LEGO NINJAGO movie, everybody waited for the release of the set featured in the movie. Final Fight of Destiny's Bounty from the Lego NINJAGO movie is the second largest Lego set that has been launched by Lego. When the model is paired with the lightening kit, this Lego model would come to life and would appear more active.   

Features of the lighting kit

Installing the light kit for Lego final fight of destiny's bounty 70618 would bring out its distinctive features and charm of the model. All lights and wires of the kit are small enough, which could be placed underneath or within the gaps of Lego bricks. The lighting set would not affect the outlook of the set.

The installation process of light kit for Lego final fight of destiny's bounty 70618 is very easy. Users would just have to follow the instruction manual for completing the whole model. The user would have to plug in for activating the lighting kit. The set would also include a USB connecting board, connecting cables, AA Battery Packs, and several kinds of color lights.

Theme and concept of the kit

The main theme of the set would be the storyline of the LEGO NINJAGO movie. The final model is made up of 2,295 functional pieces of Lego bricks. The addition of the light kit for Lego final fight of destiny's bounty 70618 along with the six mini-figures would enhance the scenario of the Lego set. The detail designing of the ship makes it more popular among Lego lovers of various age groups.