LEGO sets are very popular it could bring out the creativity aspect out of both children and adult. Known to be one of the most important meals of the year, Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set can be one such interesting Lego set. For providing the dinner set with more life-like features, users could add lighting kit in the Lego set.

LEGO Theme and Concept

The theme of this Lego set is to create the ambiance of a peaceful family reunion time. Installing the light kit for Lego Chinese New Year’s Eve will make this model look more attractive than it already is. The Lego set includes mini figures such as dad, mum, grandma, etc. The set also features a dining table with printed traditional Chinese foods like Jiaozi, Tangyuan, and Rice Cakes, etc.

Effect of Light on the Lego Set

The Light Kit for Lego Chinese New Year’s Eve would give the model set a new life. The quality of the lights is high enough to give your building sufficient light to give it a fantastic look. Being small the lights will be well hidden inside your model set without affecting the look. The step-by-step installation guide lets you customize your model in an easy and fun way.  All the kits are plug and play which requires no electronics knowledge.

The Light Kit for Lego Chinese New Year’s Eve would also include USB connecting board, Connecting Cables, AA Battery packs and various color lights. This kit would allow the user to chain up several LED lighting kits from a single power source.