How to Power Your Lights?

Lightailing light kit can be powered using standard AA battery.

How Long Do The Lights Run For?

The Lightailing light kit will run time is dependent on battery and number of light connected, like battery drain it will get dimmed till you recharge the battery or add a new battery.

Can I Connect Multiple Lighting Kits Using A Single Power Source?

Yes, It is one one of the advantage light kit, You can connect 4 light kits using a single power source. For that, you will need to connect the cable to expansion board, next expansion board to the power source.


How Many Light Kits Can I Power Using A Single Power And Light My Own Customized Creation?

The lightailing light kit has a feature to connect 4 different light kit to a single power source so that you can customize your creation.


How to Find Right Light for My Lego?

Well, this depends on what you are looking for? But, Lightailing assure you wide range of light kit for Lego set and you can check out the products pictures and lighting effects, also lightailing gives you the choice of another brand Briksmax which have different features, price, and installation technique.

What's the maximum number of lights I can connect to a single output?

Lightailing have feature to connect twelve lights with single output.

Are your light strips and boards waterproof?

No, It's not waterproof. Please keep it in a dry place.

Why do you use multiple sizes of connectors for your light strips and boards?

It is depend on product design. We have six port expansion broad, Eight port expansion broad,twelve port expansion broad.If the number of lights is small, we use a six-port expansion broad. We will decide the size of the connector according to the installation position of the light strip and expansion boards.