Similar to an annual event, Lego would release a Modular Building Set every year. Lego Grand Emporium 10211 is the fifth in the Lego modular building series. This series of Lego are targeted towards the adult group of Lego enthusiasts. They would add a lighting kit to increase the charm of the Lego set.

About Lego Grand Emporium

 Lego Grand Emporium is a three-story department store that would feature several shops on each floor. For enjoying the night view of a mall, Lego  lovers would add light kit for Lego Grand Emporium 10211 to the model. On the first floor, you would find a clothing store followed by the house-wares department store and on the third floor, there would be a toy shop. This Lego set would provide 2,182 pieces of functional Lego bricks to complete the model.

Silent features of the lighting set

 Addition of the light kit for Lego Grand Emporium 10211 would make the building more active and life-like. All LED lights of the lighting kits are powerful enough to illuminate the whole Lego structure. The LED lights of the lighting are specially designed in such a way that it could be placed within the gaps or underneath the Lego bricks.

This lighting kit would allow the user to chain up multiple lighting kits and power them up from a single power source. The installation process of the light kit for Lego Grand Emporium 10211 is very user-friendly. The user would be able to customize or install the kit by following the step by step instruction manual of the kit. There would be USB connecting board, expansion board, strip lights, and AA battery pack. All the lighting kits are Plug and Play, thus the user won’t require any electronics knowledge.