After LEGO started to launch more complicated structures, it has gained an audience among the adult men and women. This group of Lego enthusiasts likes to challenge the complicated structure or large building, which would be difficult for the children to assemble.  They would also install lighting kit to make the completed model even more charming and beautiful.

Features of the Lego Lighting Kit

During the day, this structure would look magnificent but at night it would appear lifeless and boring. Thus, installing a light kit for the Lego cafe corner set 10182 would be the perfect solution to this problem. There are more than 30 individual lights to illuminate the whole Lego structure. The unique design of the lighting kit would allow the user to link up with other lighting kit and power up through the single source.  

To activate the lighting kit, the user would just have to plug in the power cables. Also, the installation process of light kit for Lego cafe corner set 10182 is very user-friendly. The LEGO lover would just have to follow the instruction manual to either install or customize the whole lighting kits. All lights and wires of the lighting kit are small in size which enables the user to hide them within or behind the Lego bricks.

About the Lego set

This three-story building is one of the largest Lego building set in the Creator Expert Lego Modular Building Series. This Lego model has 2,056 pieces of bricks to complete this whole structure. Lego enthusiasts would also add light kit for Lego cafe corner set 10182 for making it more interesting during the night time. The set would feature a café on the ground floor and hotel on the floors.