The rebel attacker spaceship X-Wing Star Fighter from Lego Star Wars set can now be lightened up immaculately with the lighting kit from Lightailing. Once you have assembled the 730 Lego pieces and placed the mini figures of Biggs Dark lighter and Luke Skywalker along with R2-Q2, R2-D2 droids, unpack the bubble wrapped plastic bags inside the sturdy box to reveal the delicate accessories and manual books.

  • Having sufficient luster to highlight the structure, there are two slow flashing 30 cm red lights, four 15 cm lights with natural white tone, one 15 cm light with warm white tone, one 15 cm light with green tone and another 15 cm light with a blue tone. While the red lights are for the wings, the warm white lights are for the interior. The blue lights keep the gleam below.
  • You will get a battery pack where you need to insert AA Batteries (to be bought separately).
  • The custom Lego bricks include two clear 1x1 Lego Trans Round Plate and two red 1x1 Lego Trans Round Plate.
  • There are two expansion boards with 6 ports, an adhesive square, a USB power cord of 30 cm and a connecting cable of 5 cm length
  • Make sure you keep the After Sale Card carefully as warranty. You will also get a user guide book and an instruction manual book where the detailed steps of installing lighting accessories are depicted.

The lighting kits when properly installed will make your Lego X-Wing Star Fighter stand out even when there is no light in the room.