A large scale structure with 2766 Lego pieces from Lego Creator series, the Town Hall 10224 with its three levels comes with extensive detailing. From the bell tower to clock, from detailed columns to flower pots, from the coat of arms to sculptures, furniture and desks to the interior –the lights will make each level of the structure glowing even in dark. Place the eight mini-figures of the couple, mayor, janitor, press woman, secretary and kids to unpacking the lighting kit from Lightailing –

  • Natural white LED lights perfectly lighten up the interiors to the ground floor, first floor, second floor as well as the clock tower at the top of the building. The warm white and yellow lights are for the pinnacle, clock, the lamp posts and the gateway on the façade. With the LED lights, you will get customized Lego bricks and LED wires.
  • Get some AA batteries beforehand so that you can insert them into the Battery Pack available with the light kit.
  • A USB hub with a USB power cord and three connecting wire are available to create a connection between the lights, battery and the main power source.
  • Just as you get a user guide with the Lego set for ease of assembling the Lego bricks, with the light kit box, you will get instruction books which are written in a universal language so that you have no difficulty in understanding how to install the lighting accessories.

Refer to the instructions steps by steps and once you are done, connect to the main power source to check how the lights are heightening up the overall beauty of the Lego structure.