If you want to create an architectural Lego structure featuring the famous Italian city of Venice, the Lego Venice 21026 structure is perfect for you with 212 Lego pieces. After you have completed building the structure, open up the lighting kit box and reveal the plastic packets which are filled with the following accessories –   
  • You will get eleven white lights measuring 15 cm which you can add separately on different areas of the Venice Skyline structure to highlight whichever section you like. The warm whitish luster is sufficiently bright and will keep your sprawling Lego structure stand out even when there is no light in the room.
  • The package includes an expansion board with 12 ports and one adhesive square. For building a connection between the main power source and the LED wires attached with the LED lights, you will get a USB cable measuring 30 cm.
  • You have to purchase the AA batteries and insert them inside the battery pack available with the lighting kit. The batteries will power up the entire light setup.
  • An After Sale Warranty card is there as a guarantee for the lighting accessories –keep it safe. For easy installation of the lights and passing the wires beneath and through the Lego pieces without tampering, you will get an instruction manual showing detailed steps in a universal language and a user guide book.   

Creating a night view of the Venice skyline is now possible with the Venice 21026 kit from Lego Architecture Skyline category and the light kit that lightens up the Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Campanile, Winged Lion, Bridge Of Sighs, St Mark’s Basilica, etc.