Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars, which is famous among various car lovers and enthusiasts. Following the popularity of the car, LEGO launched the miniature version of this famous car as the part of the Creator Expert series. For bringing out its distinctive features, Lego enthusiasts would add a lightning kit to the model.

Special features of the lighting kit

Installing the light kit for Lego Ford Mustang 10265 would bring out the life-like features of this miniature car model. These lights would allow the user to enjoy the charm of the model during the night time. For installing this lighting kit, the user would not require any sorts of electronics knowledge.  The lighting kit would also allow the customer to customize it according to the requirement of the user.

For installation or for customization, the user would just have to follow the instruction manual of the lighting kit. The unique design of the light kit for Lego Ford Mustang 10265 would allow the user to link up the lighting kit with other brands of lighting kits. The kit would include expansion boards, AA battery packs, different color lights, and a USB connecting cable. The lights are small enough to hide behind the Lego bricks and powerful enough to illuminate the whole structure.

The theme of the LEGO set

The main theme of this Lego set would be to create one famous and vintage car with your own hands. Modeled after the 1967 Ford Mustang, the set comes with 1,471 pieces of functional Lego bricks. Addition of light kit for Lego Ford Mustang 10265 especially red and blue lights would make the model similar to the real car.