We mostly like entertainment  TV shows like humorous and romantic stories, primarily of the Shamy fandom. This all found in one of the most popular TV show in America, surely it comes in your thought, yes that's right, It's Big Bang Theory.  

 Theme of Big Bang Theory 

The LEGO creator recreated this living room set from hit American TV show The Big Bang Theory! This popular Lego idea set is design by the Ellen Kooijiman and Glen Bricker. It includes features of all seven main characters fun role-play from the show. The set focus on all the iconic elements from the sitcom, including a telescope, whiteboard, DNA display model and various ornaments and mini-figures are Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette. It's an authentic replica of Leonard and Sheldon’s living room in LEGO bricks.

    Effect of light kit

    This wonderful experience shared with us Hubby, He love Big Bang Theory! He said "We were jazzed to find this lighting kit for our Big Bang Theory Lego Set. We have it displayed in an acrylic case on a shelf and we enjoy it even more with the lights! It looks cool!
    It only took him 30 minutes for installion of light kit. He has given the four stars rating because the instructions guide was in image format, it taken time to analysis. He still love it anyway ans said Anything for Big Bang Theory!!!