Kids would always be attracted towards big and heavy machinery such as fire brigade or bulldozer vehicle. Understanding the following trends, LEGO released the LEGO Dozer Compactor set. It is one of the Technic set, which is comparably smaller than other models.

The core concept of the design

As this model is smaller than other models, it doesn’t have several functionalities. LEGO enthusiasts would have to implement a light kit for LEGO Dozer Compactor 42071 to enhance its charm and distinctive features. The cool color schematics and unique design make it more popular among LEGO lovers. With only 171 LEGO pieces, it is one of the simplest models within the LEGO Technic series.

Silent features of lighting kit for the set

Addition of a light kit for LEGO Dozer Compactor 42071 would make the model look more active and life-like. The lighting set would let you enjoy the night view of the model set. The installation method of light kit for LEGO Dozer Compactor 42071 is very easy. The user would just have to plug in the power source to activate the lightning kit. The light and wire of the kit are designed in such a way that it could be placed between or underneath the gaps of the bricks.

The kit would include an expansion board, USB power cable, lights, and battery pack. The set would contain white, blue and red light. The user would also find an instruction manual in the set. The special design of light kit for LEGO Dozer Compactor 42071 would allow the kit to join other multiple lighting kits for powering up the set from a single power source.