With a variety of light kits available on the market, one is bound to get confused about which product is the best for use. For this reason, we are there to solve all your worries so that you can customize your favorite model of Kwik-E-Mart 71016 using LED lights and have the unique experience you were waiting. Further, the light kits are easy to use as they are plugging and playing kit so no prior knowledge of electronics is necessary.

Features of the kit

  • 2 X AA battery pack
  • 17X bit lights
  • 3 X Flashing Bit Lights
  • 4 X connecting cables-15m
  • 4 X Connecting cables-30m
  • 2X 12 port expansion boards
  • 1 X 8 port expansion board
  • 7 X led strip lights(white)

With an amazing LED light kit a fan of Kwik-E- Mart 71016 one can easily customize the model and be the subject of envy for anyone. The right kind of lights will add up to the aura of the iconic Kwik-E-Mart 71016 and take you back to your childhood days when the show The Simpsons used to be a large part of your lives.


This is a multi-light connection kit which enables to connect four lighting kits together and form a large single lighting circuit. The installation of the kit is not a hassle as one can easily do that with detailed step-by-step instruction given in the instruction book or look up on the website of the company.