LEGO bricks would be the best playmate for every child during his or her childhood. Emma's art café is one such Lego set which is famous among the children of various age groups. The user could add lighting kit for creating a warm ambiance for the whole set.

Outstanding features of the set Light kit 

Mounting the light kit for Lego friends Emma's art cafe 41336 would allow you and your kid to enjoy the night view of the Lego set.  The high quality of the light would be enough to illuminate the whole Lego café set.  All LED lights of the kits are small enough to hide inside the bricks without affecting the outer look of the set. The unique design of the kit allows the user to link up with other lighting kits and activate the whole setup with the single power source.

The installation process of the light kit for Lego friends Emma's art cafe 41336 is very user-friendly. By following the instruction guide manual, anyone would be able to either customize or install the whole kit by themselves.  The kit would contain an expansion board, AA battery pack, various color lights, USB power cable, and power cable.

The theme of the LEGO set

The main theme of the Lego set is to follow the main character to the art shop for gaining new inspiration drawing something. Addition of the light kit for Lego friends Emma's art cafe 41336 would make the whole set more charming and pleasant to the eyes. This Lego set would include two miniature figures known as Emma and Prankzy and several other accessories such as coffee machine, cash register, Panini machine, etc.